We have always had an interesting variety of programs at our SMCC meetings, but our Program Director, Joe,
KC9TQF is on the lookout for new ones whether related to Amateur Radio or not, so if you have an idea for a
presentation that our members would enjoy, please let Joe know. We are fortunate to have access to a variety
of audio visual equipment in our meeting room at St. John's.
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The Six Meter Club of Chicago(SMCC) promotes interest in the Amateur Radio Service by fostering activity on all radio bands(HF, VHF, and UHF), provides emergency communications, community radio services, and technical assistance related to radio and its use in communications.

Six Meter Club of Chicago (SMCC)

Check-Up of SMCC VHF, 222 MHz. & UHF Repeaters

Wednesday, July 21, 2021, Andy Baumann KC9BKP and Will W9WSS visited the two Six Meter Club of Chicago (SMCC) repeater sites. Andy is our technical specialist who works as a radio engineer for a large law enforcement entity. He has assisted us in the past with various technical issues, and did the upgrade of the UHF system to a newer cabinet, and installed the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or battery backup system to both the VHF/222 MHz repeater at Hinsdale Central High School and the UHF repeater
at Amita Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale approximately a year ago.

Andy found a scratchy level control for the PL level in the 222 MHz. repeater.
Once the intermittent was located, Andy exercised the potentiometer until a solid signal remained on the repeater.
Hopefully, that will take care of the intermittent receiver issue plaguing us for a while. 

Next, Andy discovered (as Vern informed us previously) that the output of the 222 MHz. the repeater wasn't sufficient to key the PA. Hence, 12 watts are coming out of the duplexer, which seems to be working for our coverage area. The transmitter was within tolerance for being on frequency, and the match on the antenna was a negligible SWR.

We checked the VHF repeater; it was putting 85 watts out of the duplexer. It also had a near-perfect match with no visible SWR. The receiver had excellent sensitivity, and the transmitter was less than a few hundred cycles off frequency, which is also negligible.

We could not get Echolink to talk to the Internet. Although there was a signal coming into the modem, the node would not connect. This will have to be further investigated by Ryan W9UEY when he can visit the site.

We buttoned everything up and thanked our host, SMCC Club member Lee Kudia KB9OYP,
to allow us access to the location within the school.

Next, we arrived at the hospital, and the facilities worker escorted us to the location in the hospital where the UHF repeater is located. We did frequency, power, and sensitivity checks.
Everything was within or better than the specifications for the UHF repeater.
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Route 66 on the air!

Here is te QSL card from W6Q
QSL requests for the W6Q Route 66 Event -
via WD9GJK  SASE and your QSL 
Jim WA9FIH is Hospitalized

All Six Meter Club of Chicago Members
President Jim WA9FIH has an illness and is recuperating in the hospital.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Jim is doing fine, and will be joining us in a few weeks.
. .

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We have received information from the ARRl Foundation that the recipient of our annual Six Meter  Club of Chicago Scholarship grant is
Sherri Pearcy, KC9UXP of Belknap, Illinois, a small downstate community population of 106.
It appears that there are five licensed amateurs in Belknap, including Sherri and four other members of her family!
We wish her well in her studies as this is written we are awaiting word from her as to her academic pursuits.

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Paul Mielnicki, K9LH is a trained severe weather spotter, and has expressed an interest in
establishing a weekly weather net on the K9ONA repeater system.
Storm and severe weather monitoring and reporting has long been part of Amateur Radio's
public service activities, and the most recent example of this was the
Hurricane Watch Net which operated for more than 29 hours during Hurricane Laura's track through Louisiana. The HWN collected and forwarded many reports to the National Hurricane Center, using both 7.268 and 14.325 MHz.

Anyone interested in working with Paul regarding his proposal for a weather net,
please contact him
Six Meter Club of Chicago Apparel

Six Meter Club of Chicago apparel is now available thanks to Will W9WSS. 
Click on the picture to order caps shirts cups and jackets. 
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If you are at home during the morning weekdays, don't forget to check in with the Grumpy Net which meets on our repeater system between 8:45 9:45 a.m. Monday through Friday.
It is a good old fashioned rag chew net with some great trivia questions, too!
Jim, N9TUQ is the coordinator.