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The Six Meter Club of Chicago(SMCC) promotes interest in the Amateur Radio Service by fostering activity on all radio bands(HF, VHF, and UHF), provides emergency communications, community radio services, and technical assistance related to radio and its use in communications.

Six Meter Club of Chicago (SMCC)

_We were delighted to learn that this year's recipient of  our  Six  Meter  Club  Scholarship  award  of  $500, administered  by  the 
ARRL  Foundation,  has  been awarded to Joe J. P Noga, KC9WIC of Indian Head Park,  son  of Joe,  KC9TQF and  Virginia.   
He will  be attending  the  University  of  Iowa,  majoring  in Computer Science and Engineering. 
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     Once  again  this  year,  we  have  been  invited  to participate in the Historic Route 66 On The Air event, which is coordinated by the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club, W6JBT, with stations along the route beginning with  W6A  in  California.    For  nineteen  years,  we have  represented  Chicago,  the  eastern  end  of  the highway, using the special event call W6Q.
For a  number of  years, the event coincided with the  Berwyn  Route  66  Car  Show,  where  we  operated curbside, showing off  ham radio to the public, but all operations  this  year  will  take place  from the home or mobile stations of our members.     

Operation begins at 0000 UTC Saturday, September 12  (7  p.m.  Friday,  Sept.  11  CDT)  and  continues through  2359  UTC  Sunday,  September  20  (7  p.m. CDT).       Frequencies to be used -  plus or minus several kHz - are as follows:  CW - 3.533, 7.033, 10.110, 14.033, 18.080,  21.033,  24.900,  and  28.033  MHz;    SSB  - 3.866,  7,266,  14.266,  18,164,  21.366,  24.966,  and 50.133  MHz.    Operation  will  also  take  place  via  our K9ONA repeater system for local contacts

Every SMCC member is eligible and encouraged to operate  as  W6Q  during  the  event,  even  if  you  can only operate via our repeater system.  Just be sure to keep an accurate log of your contacts.   Also, to avoid having  more  than  one  member  on  a  particular band/mode  at  one  time,  please  monitor  our  repeateer and announce your intent to be on a ceretain band and mode,  and  also  call  back  in  when  you  are  finished operating on that frequency.       This  is  a fun event, very popular with  the  amateur community.    The  Citrus  Belt  ARC  has  a  nice certificate  available  -  check  their  web  site, www.w6jbt.org,  for  details.    Special  QSL  cards  are also issued by participating stations , SASE requested but members can pick up theirs at a SMCC meeting.

     We  have  been  notified  by  Saint  John's  Lutheran Church,  where  we  normally  meet, that  since  they are effectively closed down, we will not be able to hold in-person  meetings  until  the  virus  situation  has  been resolved - which also presently prohibits gatherings of ten or more persons.
        Meanwhile,  we  have  been  holding  on-the-air meetings via our K9ONA repeater system for about half  an hour.  
Our  next meeting is Friday, August 14 at 7:30 p.m., which is our regular meeting date and time.        
Members  who  are  not  able  to  access  the  repeater can still participate using the Echolink system.
Please forward  your  suggestions  to  Jim,  WA9FIH  at WA9FIH@aol.com.  Thanks!
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Our Club had received a request again this year for assistance  with  Hinsdale's  Walk  The  Walk,  which  is sponsored by the Hinsdale Community House.         
It had been scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 3,  but    the organizers are  presently reviewing options for either holding the event later in the year or possibly cancelling  it  -  as  soon  as  a  decision  has  been  made they will notify us and we'll post it here.
VHF Noise, Installation of UPS, and
222 MHz Repeater Audio Adjustment

Friday afternoon, February 28, 2020 at approximately 2:00 pm Andy KC9BKP, Brandon N9LMZ, Lee KB9OYP, and I started an evaluation of the noise on the VHF repeater, and low audio on the 222 MHz repeater. The 222 MHz repeater system had it's audio output increased by adjustments within the S-COM 7330 controller. It should be working just fine at this time.  We also installed the new battery backup (Uninterruptible Power Supply or "UPS") to the entire repeater network and peripherals. We also tested all functions of the repeaters including Echolink which worked fine.

Now, the bad news. After Andy conducted extended testing of the VHF antenna line, duplexer, and repeater, it was determined that the VHF antenna is defective. Any kind of wind or movement of the antenna causes extensive static crashes making QSO's and nets difficult as all of us have experienced. Andy has extremely sensitive and intricate test equipment including his brand new service monitor, and after changing several RF connectors of the jumper cables (which were not changed out when the feedlines were replaced) we thought the noise was gone, but it wasn't. Continued testing indicated that the antenna is defective and will continue to make noisy interference. Physical observation of the antenna from the ground indicated that one of the ground radials is missing which wouldn't cause noise or interference, but it still has defects.

Upon approval of the Board and membership, I will speak with my contact at BARS that we recently obtained our replacement VHF repeater antenna from. Also, this evening I spoke with Steve Bracy of Top Tower who said he would remove the defective antenna and install the new repeater antenna for us.  Please give this some serious thought, and I will be planning on making a motion at our upcoming general membership meeting for approval of the purchase of a new antenna for the VHF repeater.

Also be advised that I spoke extensively with Lee Kudia KB9OYP of Hinsdale Central High School, and he assured me
that he was not planning on retiring in the near future, so our position at the facility will be assured for several upcoming years.
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March 15  Update
Due to the fact that the Six Meter Club of Chicago (SMCC) was not able to convene at our regular monthly membership meeting on Friday, March 13, 2020,
and that I was not able to make a motion before the membership to obtain a new VHF antenna, we will unfortunately be plagued with sporadic interference
on the VHF repeater for a longer while.  I may suggest that net control operators utilize the UHF or 222 MHz repeaters to avoid undue interference. If you don't have these capabilities, please be patient while we deal with this issue.

I have obtained an extremely reasonable price from our antenna contractor, Steve Bracy of Top Tower, the company that did previous work on our repeater
at Hinsdale CENTRAL High School, and Amita Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale. If and when the motion is made and hopefully passed, we will make arrangements to have the new VHF repeater antenna installed.

Please bear with us while we are in this interim period. Hopefully, this COVID-19 issue
will clear up in the near future, and we can conduct business in our usual manner.
Will Sperling W9WSS
Repeater Committee Chairman

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We have always had an interesting variety of programs at our SMCC meetings, but our Program Director, Joe,
KC9TQF is on the lookout for new ones whether related to Amateur Radio or not, so if you have an idea for a
presentation that our members would enjoy, please let Joe know. We are fortunate to have access to a variety
of audio visual equipment in our meeting room at St. John's.
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Six Meter Club of Chicago Apparel

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